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Hospital Resources
A collection of resources/links available to those at NYPBMH, many require a campus connection.
  Web Link
  Link   NYPBMH iPrint
NYPBMH will be using Micro Focus' iPrint system to more effectively manage printers. This page will allow you access to the published list.
  Link   RL6/KeepSafe Production Environment
This is the RL6/KeepSafe Production Application
  Link   RL6/KeepSafe Test Environment
This is the RL6/KeepSafe Training Environment
  Link   RL6 / KeepSafe Training Environment
This is the RL6/KeepSafe Training Environment
  Link   Athena Link
Here is the Production link to the Athena Outpatient system. Please remember to open the link in the Chrome browser.
  Link   Athena Backup Link
Here is the Athena Backup Link to be used when an issue has been declared. Please remember to open the link in the Chrome browser.
  Link   Premier ValueAdvisor
The new Premier ValueAdvisor system software that we subscribe to.
  Link   Hygrade EZ-Order NYPBMH Link
This is the link for NYPBMH users to use the Hygrade EZ-Order Forms system
  Link   Staples E-Way NYPBMH Link
This is the link for NYPBMH users to use the Staples STAPLESADVANTAGE business order system
  Link   Staples StaplesAdvantage link for Terminals
This is the link for NYM users who use terminals (WYSE machines) to use the Staples E-Way system
  Link   NYPBMH Network Password Self Service
This site will allow you to change your password for your NYPBMH network account (Micro Focus eDirectory, Microsoft Active Directory, LDAP) and those systems which authenticate against them (SENTACT, EPCS, Telehealth, etc). Please give up to half an
  Link   NYPBMH Sentact Transportation Application
The NYPBMH Transportation Application hosted by Sentact
  Link   Hospital Public Website (http://www.nyp.org/brooklyn)
The NYPBMH "Public" website. Please note, you must have a public connection to the internet to reach this site.
  Link   Record Manager
The Medical Record Record Manager System
  Link   Infonet.NYP.ORG
The New York Presbyterian "Infonet" information network site
  Link   Allied Health Education
NYPBMH's Center for Allied Health Education is located at a satellite facility on Kings Highway and East 14th Street in the Midwood section of Brooklyn. The center houses, all of the hospital's allied health educational programs.
NYP Enterprise Password on Demand Synchronization Page P-Sync . This is the "P-Sync" page for NYP's Password On Demand Password Synchronization Page.
  Link   Imaging On Call Server
Imaging On Call webserver. Used to pick up dictated reports from nighthawk radiology service. Contact the Deparment of Radiology for access priviledges. (Please note that Public Internet Access is Required)
  Link   Amicas Teleradiology
Access to the local, on-site teleradiology server; used to send radiographs to nighthawk radiologists, and as a backup cache of recently acquired images. Contact the Department of Radiology for access priviledges.
  Link   NYPBMH/NYP East Forms on Demand
The NYPBMH Forms on Demand application, hosted by NYPe.
  Link   MS Office Conversion Pack
This site provides file converters and image filters for Microsoft Office programs, from Microsoft Office 97 to Microsoft Office 2003. NOTE-- Internet access is required to access the site
  Link   Campus Page Graphics Gallery
Are you an author who's confused by some of the graphic file names and/or locations. Here's a gallery of the graphics available for use in articles on the Campus Page. Use this to locate the graphic for you (location and name) then when you create yo
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